When should you consider adopting your grandchildren?

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You and your spouse have observed your two grandchildren from afar and close-up. Either way you look at them, you know that their lives could be a lot better than what they have now. Sad to admit, but they live in an unstable home led by an abusive, neglectful and addicted parent – your daughter. Any much longer in that environment, and they could be going down that same path and make the same mistakes. You cannot ignore such circumstances.

You want them to have a better life. After a few weeks of discussion, you realize that the best thing is that have them live with you. And then even pursuing guardianship and, eventually, adoption. Those are crucial steps to take.

Death, abandonment and incarceration

An estimated 2.9 million U.S. children – roughly 2% of all minors — are being raised by their grandparents. Indiana is among the states where grandparents may gain custody of their grandchildren and even pursue adopting them.

Here are some of the reasons and situations in which grandparents may consider adoption:

  • The death of a parent or deaths of both parents: When tragedy strikes, some grandparents understand that they have the duty to care for their grandchildren.
  • A parent with extreme substance abuse: Addiction struggles lead some parents to no longer focus on their main priority: their children.
  • Parental abandonment: This is among the saddest of circumstances. Children will always remember when a parent abandons him or her. They need love.
  • Incarceration: A growing number of single mothers are being sentenced to prison. Where does a child turn? A parent’s placement in a mental health facility also may lead to a grandparent adoption.
  • The loss of parental rights: These situations may occur due to abuse and neglect in the family home.

You already raised a family and watched your children grow up and take divergent paths. Will you have the energy to raise grandchildren who are teens or youngsters? You know you can as long as you did down deep into your heart and have the financial wherewithal to do so.