4 reasons to consider adopting multiple siblings

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2021 | Adoption |

It is very common for a child living in foster care to have at least one brother or sister in the same living situation. If you are considering adopting a child, here are four reasons why adopting their sibling at the same time can be beneficial.

Stability and security

A child who has been in foster care has been through a lot of change in their lives. Even the newfound stability of adoption can take time to adjust to. Having their sister or brother with them provides some stability and the assurance that they are not going through the adjustment process alone.

Easier bonding with new parents

According to the Indiana Adoption Program, research shows that children who are adopted with their siblings tend to bond with their adoptive parents more quickly.

Mental health benefit

In many cases, their sibling is the last biological relative a child still has a stable relationship with. The loneliness and guilt of living in foster care can be extreme. Having a sibling to look after or cheer up can help alleviate these negative feelings.

Clues to medical history

As an adoptive parent, you might not have access to your child’s biological parents to ask them about possible hereditary conditions. But the older sibling may provide some clues of what you and your family’s pediatrician could expect.

Of course, keeping siblings together is not possible or the best option in every case. But if it is something you are thinking about, discuss it with your adoption attorney. He or she can help you decide and make sure the adoption process is as smooth as possible.